Information about the challenges you can find

Information about the challenges you can find in #AT2019 . There may be changes taking into account the time remaining for the event.

1 - On days 1 and 2 there will be six challenges, three on each day. On day 3, Sunday, only one challenge will be held. We expect to have the test finished by lunch time. (Northern people, this is for you: D)

2 - The winners of each challenge will be entitled to a prize. This rule only applies to divisions that have at least 16 participants.

3 - The challenges will have a minimum goals. If the athlete does not comply, he will be automatically disqualified. Example: 21-15-9, Thrusters and Pull Ups. At least 22 repetitions for the athlete to be able to continue in competition, taking 21 thrusters and 1 pull up. This rule makes sure nobody is safe until the final workout. Anyone who wants their name in the final ranking will have to fulfill all the challenges with a minimum of quality.

4 - There will be no cuts for "semi-final" or "final". All athletes will have access to all challenges as long as they achieve minimum goals.

5 - The score is under restructuring and will not be applied to what is in the rulebook. This is due to the increase in vacancies in the male RX echelon.

Thank you...

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